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Arrests Made in Series of Carjackings

DETROIT (WWJ) - The carjacking ring known by police as S550, snatched high-end vehicles, primarily from downtown Detroit, including (according to police) Rev. Jesse Jackson's vehicle and an expensive vehicle during the Detroit Auto Show.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee says the group started out carjacking vehicles for parts, then graduated from there:

"Their criminal enterprise figured out that it was much more lucrative for them to have the whole vehicle with keys, which became much more profitable, but what it also did, was raise the ante relative to how aggressive they were," says Godbee.

Seven men and one woman have been arrested and are facing state and federal charges.

cj_Young Derell-accused carjacking ring 4-1-11Cp
Derell Young
cj_MacGregor Christian_accused carjack ring 4-1-11Cp
Christian MacGregor
cj_Moore Marcus_accused carjack ring 4-1-11Cp
Marcus Moore
cj_NewtonStratford_accused carjack ring 4-1-11Cp
Stratford Newton
cj_Sanders Antonio_accused carjack ring 4-1-11Cp
Antonio Sanders
cj_Grady Kayla_accused carjack ring 4-1-11cp
Kayla Grady


"Seven men and one woman were arrested for this alleged conspiracy that resulted in numerous thefts and carjackings of high end vehicles specifically with a target in the downtown Detroit area," Godbee says.

The investigation continues and more arrests may follow.

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