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App Data Shows Lions Fans 2nd 'Drunkest' On Gameday

By @GeorgeJFox

Cheers Lions fans ... I guess. We're number two at something! Booze knowledge website VinePair teamed up with the makers of the BACtrack blood alcohol content (BAC) app to rank NFL fans from most to least drunk. Here's the full ranking and an infographic if things are still a bit hazy.

I'd like to attribute our consumption of adult beverages to our passion for our loveable losers. We drink when they win and drink more when they lose. At 1-7, Lions fans have plenty they'd like to erase from their memory.

The data was compiled from the first seven Sundays of the 2015 season. Buffalo Bills fans ended up having the highest BAC at 0.076 and the Cincinatti Bengals have the lowest BAC 0.015.

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