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Ann Arbor Schools vote to move forward with staffing layoffs amid $25 million shortfall

Ann Arbor Public Schools meeting on $25 million budget shortfall
Ann Arbor Public Schools meeting on $25 million budget shortfall 02:26

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - The Ann Arbor School District is making tough decisions, mainly the school board voting to move forward with looming teacher layoffs.

According to the board, as they face a $25 million 'budget shortfall,' staff reductions can greatly aid in stopping the bleeding.

It's all to comply with the state Board of Education requirements. The board says they have to present a plan to the state by the 15th. Thursday's vote proved essential.

In total, 143 teachers, parents, and even students gave their thoughts on the situation. Many overall disappointed the school district is embroiled in such controversy. 

At one point, the room was filled with chants, saying," Teachers are not the problem." Many explained the level of trust that had been broken within the community.

"Before teachers are fired due to the budget shortfall, all iPads and Chromebooks should be sold and stored," one parent suggested.   

One parent even suggesting to sell off certain assets.

"Owning up to this mistake shouldn't be by cutting teachers and everything they need to do their jobs. I want to end by saying save teachers and staff," another teacher said.

The district must present a corrective action plan to the state Board of Education by April 15. One board member proposed a potential extension, which was then noted to have already been granted.

When you cut teachers, you lose students and fail.

These discussions are long from over, and the Board of Education will have several community town halls.

That first meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. on Monday.

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