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15-Year-Old Charged As Adult In Oxford High School Shooting

(CBS DETROIT)- Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says he agrees with every single one of the charges brought about against the 15-year-old Oxford shooting suspect.

A not guilty plea made by Ethan Crumbley, after the 15-year-old was charged as an adult Wednesday. The Oxford High School sophomore was charged with 24 counts following Tuesday's shooting at the school left 4 dead and 7 injured.

"We are charging this individual with 1 count of terrorism causing death 4 counts of 1st degree murder, 7 counts of assault with intent to murder and 12 counts of a procession of firearm in the commission of a felony," said Karen McDonald, Oakland County Prosecutor.

The suspect is being held without bond in the Oakland County Jail. The shooting on Tuesday took the lives of 4 Oxford High School students.

16-year-old Tate Myre, 17-year-old Madisyn Baldwin, 14-year-old Hana St. Juliana, and 17-year-old Justin Shilling who died in the hospital today from his injuries.

7 others were injured, including one teacher.

Three students remain hospitalized.

"A 17-year-old female with neck wounds, 14-year-old female has improved thankfully, she's been moved from critical to stable, with gunshot wounds to the left chest and neck," said Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff.

A 17-year-old female still remains in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. The question of a motive remains, but today an even bigger question, could this tragedy have been prevented? During today's arraignment Oakland County Sheriff's stated a video was made by the suspect saying he was going to shoot people, also school administrators had a meeting with the suspect about his behavior the day before the shooting, as well met with him and his parents just a couple hours before the shooting.

"We learned that a meeting had occurred and we did not know about that till after the shooting," Bouchard said.

Bouchard says that meeting is being investigated as well as how the suspect obtained the handgun used in the shooting. Investigators say the gun was purchased by the suspects father 4 days before the shooting, but it's unclear if his parents knew he had the weapon. Charges against the parents may be possible.

"So today is only the beginning and it's possible there could be additional charges," said McDonald.

McDonald says there is a mountain of evidence to prove the suspect premeditated the shooting.

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