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Your Chicago: Old School Vs. Gourmet Doughnuts

(CBS) -- Coffee and doughnuts. It's a great American tradition, and lately doughnuts are surging in popularity.

Four new stores in downtown Chicago alone have recently opened.

CBS 2's Kate Sullivan takes a look at the why's and how's of the craze.

Old Fashioned Donuts. That's the name of the store -- and exactly what they sell -- on Chicago's South Side.

Since 1972, Burritt Bulloch has been crafting a consistently delicious doughnut: glazed, sugared, frosted and dunked into the hearts of this community.

The modest store has become a Roseland tradition.

"They're light, they're airy, they're fluffy," says fan Gail Brewton-Brown.

But it's the newfangled doughnuts -- gourmet and reinvented -- that has everyone talking: Firecakes; Glazed and Infused; The Donut Vault; Do-Rite.

All are names of relatively new shops popping up in downtown Chicago.

The premium ingredients and a premium price tag yield a doughnut that appeals to a different consumer.

"People are willing to spend more on a more premium product and just have one of it," says Tony Bardwell of Firecakes.

Because of the new craze, the veteran doughnut stores like Old Fashioned are doing better than ever. In fact, on Saturdays they sell 300 dozen.

Old school meets new school meets success.

"I grew up in neighborhood. I have been gone 20 years but I still come back from time to time just to get the doughnuts. It's phenomenal," Brewton-Brown says.

There's another difference: price.

At Old Fashioned, doughnuts are $1 apiece. At the other stores, they can cost as much as $4 each.

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