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Your Chicago: Joy Yee Shabu Shabu

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The next time you wonder what's for dinner, how about a trip to Chinatown?

At one time, only Cantonese food options were offered. But now there is food from wider traditions, including the inventive Joy Yee Shabu Shabu.

Bill Humecke of Wheaton and his family frequent the restaurant -- with its quaint interior and cool under-the-floor aquarium. In fact, it's their favorite spot.

"Being from the suburbs, mostly it's a lot of fast-food restaurants," he tells CBS 2's Kate Sullivan. "So, coming to the city, you have Greek Town, you have Chinatown, you have a whole plethora of different cultures that you can expose the kids to without having to leave the country."

Shabu shabu is their favorite dish. Joy Yee's Peter Au describes it as "an Asian form of fondue." It's also a do-it-yourself kind of fare. Diners place meat and vegetables in steaming broth.

It's a 40-minute drive in for the Humecke family -- well worth the time and energy for such a great experience.

"It's nice that people are becoming more expansive with their palettes these days," Bill Humecke says.

Joy Yee Shabu Shabu is owned by the same people who own the original Joy Yee, a longtime Chinatown favorite.

Your Chicago with Rob & Kate
Your Chicago with Rob & Kate

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