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Two Flights From Wuhan, China Landing At O'Hare Airport Wednesday Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Two flights from Wuhan, China will land at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Wednesday amid a virus outbreak.

The potentially-deadly Coronavirus is changing protocol at O'Hare Airport, where they will be screening travelers flying in from Wuhan.

The coronavirus is claiming more lives in China – with nine people now dead and 440 infected.

The first U.S. case was found in Seattle.  In Chicago, O'Hare International Airport has joined four other U.S. airports that are screening travelers arriving from China.

The enhanced medical screening will take place at O'Hare starting this week, with the Chinese New Year just days away and travel to and from China expected to increase.

Federal health inspectors will be stationed at the International Terminal as travelers come in from Wuhan, China – where it is believed the strain of coronavirus originated.

Travelers coming into the United States will be funneled into the five airports. In addition to O'Hare are airports in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Officials said travelers have nothing to worry about.

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