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Snow Plow Stops Wrong-Way Driver On Kennedy

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Imagine driving down the Kennedy here and then, you see a car, driving right towards you. Well that was the reality facing several drivers early Saturday morning.

An IDOT snow plow stopped a white van from going the wrong way in the Kennedy Express lanes.

An IDOT supervisor first saw the driver of the van, going the wrong way downtown, at Ohio Street. The lanes were set for inbound traffic. Somehow, the driver of the van was able to get into the reversible lanes, driving outbound for several miles while missing vehicles.

An IDOT plow driver happened to be in the reversible lanes when a call came over the radio, about the situation. He slowed traffic, getting in front of the van, to make it stop. The front of the van was damaged. The wrong way driver, has been charged with DUI.

Fortunately, the plow driver was able to stop him, before he caused an accident. Last September, a drunk driver going the wrong way down the Eisenhower, killed Briana Resto and Monica Hernandez. That same month, in another incident, troopers were able to catch a man who had been going north in the southbound lanes of the Dan Ryan, before heading west in the eastbound lanes of the Eisenhower. The man ended up crashing his car, into a concrete barrier wall.

Meantime, that heroic IDOT snow plow driver that stopped the van from causing an accident, will be back at work on the expressways tonight.

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