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Worker Charged With Bringing Gun To Oswego East

Michael Martin
Michael Martin (Credit: Oswego Police)

OSWEGO (CBS) -- A Plainfield man who works as an information technology specialist under contract to the Oswego District 308 schools faces a felony weapons charge for bringing a gun to Oswego East High School.

There was no intent to harm anyone; the gun was merely one that 62-year-old Michael Martin carries on a regular basis. But Kendall County State's Attorney Eric Weis said it's illegal to have a loaded gun at school for anyone except a police officer in Illinois.

When a staff member spotted the loaded pistol in a washroom stall, police and administrators took no chances. They ordered the school locked down and it was searched top-to-bottom, although classes continued. No other weapons turned up. When they checked surveillance video, they saw Martin was the last to use the washroom before the gun's discovery.

District 308 said, in a press release, that Martin is employed not by the district but by Sterling Engineering, a firm that is under contract to work on its computer systems. He had been working at the district since April, and had passed an FBI background check.

He goes to bond court, Courtroom 113, in Yorkville at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

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