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Women's History Month: Local Woman Bringing Representation To Skin Care Industry

CHICAGO (CBS)-- CBS 2 is celebrating Women's History Month, and this morning we're introducing you to a local woman who started a skin care brand inspired by culture and confidence.

"Sometimes the biggest fix is the most simple," Jelitsa Legarreta Uviña founder, said.

It's that simple idea that inspired Legarreta to start Uviña skin.

"It kind of just was a light bulb moment, I, like a lot of other women are very into skincare and the more I started to research, the more disappointed, I think I became," She said.

So, she got to work creating products that are clean and non-toxic.

But, it's not just the ingredient list driving Legarreta. It's bringing representation to the skin care industry.

"Representation matters," She said. "It matters, and you know, I coming in felt that, although there were other companies that were offering the same message of clean non irritating products, very few of them were focusing on brown skin or highlighting brown skin celebrating brown skin."

Customers are celebrating Uviña right back. They are reaching out, to say what these products means to them, driving Legarreta to keep pushing the industry.

'I'm sitting at my desk and I'm planning what the next week is going to look like and I'm tired and I get this message and I put my phone down, and I said, ;'this is why,'" She said. "This is why I do it, it's not just skin there's so much wrapped up in how we feel and how we look, and how we function and to get a message like that is like this is why this is why I'm doing this, it matters so it was it's wonderful."

Uviña is Legarreta's mother's name. Every product is named after the women in her family.

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