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Women Visiting Chicago Discover Camera In Hotel Room

UPDATE:  After an investigation, police say that camera was inadvertently left in the room by a previous guest. There was no evidence it was used to photograph or record the women in the room.


CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of women visiting Chicago found what they believe was a hidden camera in their downtown hotel room Sunday.

The four friends from Milwaukee discovered the camera near the curtains, facing outward toward the bed inside the Club Quarters Hotel room where they spent the night.

Two of the women, 21-year-old Angela Marek and 21-year-old Kaitlyn Kurudza, told CBS 2 they feel violated after what was supposed to be a carefree weekend. Even if the camera wasn't recording, the friends say they still feel uncomfortable knowing the camera could have been recording them during their stay at the hotel.

"I started thinking WiFi, does this camera have WiFi? Can someone remotely see this through their phone? We don't know," Marek said. "We could be exposed and we don't know."

The model of the device they discovered can be started remotely.

The women notified hotel management of the camera and say they feel like they weren't being taken seriously despite their concerns of whether the camera was placed in the room intentionally or if the camera was left in the room by a previous guest.

"This is something that's very traumatic, especially for the day and age we are in right now," Kurudza said. "Four young girls that are freshly 21 are going out to new city, they don't really know what they're doing or where we are going."

Chicago Police responded to the hotel, located at 75 East Upper Wacker Drive, after Marek called 911. The small red camera was taken into evidence, though police could not say what was on the camera or if it was on and recording during the group's visit.

Club Quarters Hotel management did not respond to requests for comment.

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