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Woman Wants Answers After Being Struck, Left Bloody In Hyde Park Hit-And-Run

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The search was on late Thursday for a driver who struck a woman who was unloading groceries from her car in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The accident left Ginger Spitzer battered, bruised, and lying bloody on the street – and her 10-year-old daughter witnessed everything. But as CBS 2's Steven Graves reported, Spitzer just wants to know why it happened.

Spitzer showed Graves her injuries.

"That was a bruise and it was down my neck," Spitzer said as she drew her finger from the back of her left ear. "But the cuts are all in my head."

Spitzer called the hit-and-run "the most shocking thing I think that has ever happened to me."

She was just unloading groceries from her sport-utility vehicle on the street last Friday night near 54th Street and Blackstone Avenue in Hyde Park.

As she bent down, Spitzer said, "The car came and hit me. The mirror shattered against my head, and flipped me around. I fell on the street."

It dented her new SUV too – all as neighbors heard the impact and Spitzer's 10-year-old daughter screamed.

"I already had blood on me dripping down," Spitzer said.

She tried to see the car, but as the driver sped off, all she could tell was that it was a sedan. No cameras are in the area.

"I do see cars go way too fast down this street," Spitzer said. "They're speeding."

CBS 2 was at the scene checking out traffic Thursday afternoon. Some cars went slow – others, not so much. But Spitzer wondered if there was anything that could be done on the block not only to help her, but the whole neighborhood.

"We've always wanted speed bumps because people fly down this street," Spitzer said. "This is a very residential block with kids live here."

Spitzer said last year, her neighbor's dog was hit. But she thinks Blackstone Avenue is generally safe because it's so wide.

She said police said in her case, the driver might have been distracted. But the only way to get an answer is for someone to come forward.

"Everything was OK. I'm blessed. So I probably wouldn't press charges, but I do want to know the reason why," Spitzer said.

She wants to know in hopes of preventing what happened to her – or worse – from happening to someone else.

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