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Woman Stabbed To Death On Red Line

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A woman was stabbed to death by a man while riding the Red Line, in what police said was a domestic attack.

It happened Thursday afternoon near the 47th Street stop around 12:30 p.m.

The victim has been identified by relatives as Jessica Hampton, 25.

Red Line Stabbing Victim
Jessica Hampton, 25, is the woman fatally stabbed on a Red Line train. (Facebook).

Police First Deputy Supt. John Escalante said, according to a witness, a man and a woman were involved in a domestic dispute on a Red Line train just before it arrived at the 47th Street station. As the train was arriving, the man stabbed the woman to death.

A witness said the man had asked the woman a question, and she said no. He then stabbed her, and when she collapsed he slit her throat, according to the witness. The woman was dead by the time paramedics arrived, Escalante said.

The attack was recorded by CTA surveillance cameras, he added.

Escalante said he could not confirm the victims' relationship to each other, or their ages; but, according to witnesses they were a couple, and there was "some talk about a child."

Several people called 911 after the stabbing, and a police officer who was near the station went down to the platform on his own and arrested the man without incident, Escalante said.

"He did go down by himself, and it's a credit to his bravery and what the men and women of the Chicago Police Department do on a daily basis. He went down on that platform by himself responding to a call of a person stabbed, and encountered the offender by himself. He was able to take him into custody without a struggle, and without any further incident," he said.

Red Line trains bypassed the 47th Street station, and were operating on a single track immediately after the stabbing, but normal service resumed around 2:20 p.m., with some residual delays, according to the CTA. The Red Line is the busiest train line in the CTA's system.

In January, 2015, a middle-aged college student from the South Side was convicted of first-degree murder for stomping a fellow CTA commuter to death on a Green Line platform.

At least three commuters testified to seeing Anthony Jackson beat Sanchez Mixon in an unprovoked attack in the 300 block of East 43rd Street on March 16, 2013.

In 2013, a teen was sentenced to 32 years in prison after admitting he pushed a woman to her death on a CTA staircase after stealing another commuter's iPhone.

Sally Katona-King, a 68-year-old church deacon, died from the injuries she suffered when Prince Watson shoved her at the Fullerton L stop on March 28, 2011.


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