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Woman Kicked Off Flight To Chicago After Refusing To Put Unruly Dog In Carrier

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A woman was ejected from a United Express flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago last week, after angrily refusing to put her dog in a pet carrier, after it allegedly snapped at the flight crew.

The flight, operated by SkyWest, returned to the gate last Friday, after a woman refused to obey the flight crew's instructions to put her dog in a carrier, as required by United Airlines regulations.

According to rules posted on the United website, any pet traveling in the cabin must be carried in a kennel that can fit under the seat, and remain there at all times.

A United spokesman said the dog had snapped at the flight crew, prompting the pilot to request the woman place the dog in a carrier. When she refused, the flight returned to the gate, and police officers boarded the plane to remove the woman.

Another passenger recorded video of the incident, and uploaded it to YouTube. The person who made the video added captions stating the dog had been growling and snapping at the crew, and that the woman cursed at a flight attendant who asked her to put the dog in a carrier.

When two police officers boarded the plane, they told the woman she would have to get off, but she said she wanted her money back first.

An officer told her she was holding up the rest of the plane, but she said she didn't care.

"You're holding me up!" she shouted.

The officer warned her she would go to jail if she didn't leave the plane.

"I'm not going to go to jail mister. You're looking to the wrong lady," she said.

When an officer picked up her dog, she began screaming.

"Don't you take my dog, you louse!" she said. "I'm going to sue this country!"

The woman could be heard screaming and cursing as she was escorted off the plane.

A Skywest spokesman said another person traveling with the woman also left the flight before it continued to Chicago.

Salt Lake City Police said no charges were filed. Police said the woman, who is in her 80s, "ended up having a medical condition," and her husband – who is also a nurse caregiver – explained what was going on, so they let her go without charges.


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