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Woman Injured In Country Club Hills Hit-And-Run Goes Home

Chicago (CBS) -- Greeted by the family Christmas tree, Cherry Blue enjoys the comfort of her Country Club Hills house. Comfort, however, isn't something that comes easy for her this holiday.

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Blue, along with her cousin Shelena Monson, wanted to cross 169th Street near Pulaski to buy food Dec. 14. They would never make it there. Blue instead took a detour into emergency care due to the driver of a blue green Ford Explorer.

"I have some amnesia," Blue said. "I don't remember a lot."

Blue suffered a concussion, serious head injuries and severe hand and arm trauma.

"I can't think of a time where I was more scared in my life," Blue said. "I could have been paralyzed."

She said police have not recovered helpful surveillance near the scene but are checking nearby red light cameras and neighborhood security systems.

Blue's mother said witnesses remembered the vehicle as a blue or green Ford Explorer with front end damage. She said the driver was in his teens or 20s.

Blue spent about four days in the hospital, but the physical therapy to recover is going to take months.

She's having to relearn how to do simple tasks with her left hand, like brushing her teeth or writing.

It's difficult and frustrating but made easier from the comfort of home.

CBS 2 reached out to Country Club Hills police for comment, but they have not responded.

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