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Woman In Serious Condition After Woodlawn Dog Attack

CHICAGO (CBS) - A 68-year-old woman is in serious condition after being mauled by two dogs in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood near 65th Street and Evans Avenue.

Police say they received the call around 7:30 Monday night after the woman's screams were heard by a samaritan passing by the area. Greg Mallette says he was sitting in his car when he heard the woman scream.

"I heard screaming. I checked my mirrors and as I looked in my left mirror, I saw a lady on the ground with two Pit bulls mauling her," said Mallette.

Mallette said he threw bricks at the dogs, but the dogs would not get off the woman. Police say they arrived on the scene and honked their horns at the animals, but they wouldn't budge, that's when an officer shot one of the dogs.

The victim was rushed to Stroger Hospital in serious condition with dog bites all over her body.

The dog that was shot is still alive. Both animals were taken by Animal Control.

At this time, police do not know where the dogs came from or who they belong to. This is an ongoing investigation.



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