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Woman Claims Alderman Touched Her Breast, Shoved Her For Refusing To Remove Campaign Button

(CBS) -- A Chicago woman says an alderman touched her breast and shoved her Monday because she refused to take off a campaign button for the candidate who's challenging the alderman.

It was at a street re-naming in the area around Lawrence and Milwaukee. 45th Ward Alderman John Arena was there and so was Regina Przyby, wearing a campaign button for John Garrido, a Chicago police lieutenant challenging Arena.

Regina Przyby's husband Wayne says he was there, too. And he says Alderman Arena asked his wife to remove her campaign button.

"He said, 'Can you remove that button right now - (using) the F-word - off your chest now?' And he put his hand on her breast."


And then Przyby says Arena shoved his wife and "almost made her fall on the ground."

Przyby says his wife then went to the 16th police district to file a complaint: the same district where Arena's challenger John Garrido works.

Arena has disputed Przyby's account of what happened. Police are investigating.

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