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With Some Restrictions, Trick-Or-Treating Will Be Allowed For Halloween In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Kids in Chicago will be able to go trick-or-treating this Halloween, but there are restrictions for those getting candy and those giving candy. And forget about house parties.

"You can only meet in groups of six or less. And you have to stay moving. We must simply avoid congregating in front of houses on streets. Keep it moving folks," Lightfoot said. "People passing out candy are also asked to try to maintain social distancing. That means no parties and traditional haunted houses, simply cannot be allowed for Halloween in Chicago. We really want to give our kids, something to look forward to."

Dr. Allison Arwady of the Chicago Department of Public Health said everyone who's participating must wear a mask, and not the costume kind.

"It is also about doubling down on the things that have gotten us here, and being more serious than ever, about wearing your mask, keeping your six foot distance washing your hands, protecting those who are most vulnerable," Arwady said.

"Candy givers must wear a face cover. Please leave the lights on and or a sign in your window to signal, whether your house is participating in safe trick or treating. If the lights are off if the sign is not on that is not a house for trick or treating . Be clear about whether your house is participating guideline. Please, maintain social distancing and have hand sanitizer available. We're going to be out, we're going to be having fun, but we want to keep COVID in mind and make this as safe as we can. Please don't reach into bowls and eat your candy. Bring it home, wash your hands. We want to really be careful of in all the potential ways that COVID could be spread in a time of celebration.


"This year more than ever it is important to celebrate Halloween safely and responsibly," said Mayor Lightfoot. "With these guidelines we are making sure that children and adults that want to enjoy Halloween can do so without putting themselves or their community at risk."

A list of guidelines, which mirror those issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health, can be found at

On Wednesday, the head of the state's department of public health issued its recommended guidance for Halloween, including maintaining social distancing while trick-or-treating by leaving individually-wrapped candy out on a table on your driveway, or in front of your walkway, sidewalk, or other area outside your home where six feet of distance can be maintained.

"For Halloween, we are encouraging people to find ways to celebrate that might look a little different than in years past, but we still allow our children to take part in these festivities," IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said.

Ezike said anyone wearing a costume should still wear a cloth mask, as a costume mask is not an acceptable substitute. If you or your child wears a cloth mask under a costume mask, Ezike said you should make sure it won't impair breathing. If it does, you or your child should wear a cloth mask alone, and set aside the costume mask. Trick-or-treaters also should stay in groups that include only members of their own household, and stay six feet away from other groups.

Ezike said people also should avoid crowded costume parties at bars, and shouldn't hold large parties at their own homes.

Rather than haunted houses, people should consider visiting open-air, one-way haunted forests, or going on ghost tours where they can stay six feet away from others.



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