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Search for swimmer in Winnetka resumes Wednesday morning

Search for missing teen swimmer in Lake Michigan continues
Search for missing teen swimmer in Lake Michigan continues 01:19

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A search for a teen swimmer in Lake Michigan near Winnetka resumed Wednesday morning, but there was still no sign of him.

The Winnetka Fire Department confirmed two boats with sonar are being utilized in the search, along with assistance for multiple departments, but the fire chief said in the next couple of days, first responders will start to scale back recovery efforts at the beach.

Family members identified the missing swimmer as Ebrahim Akhoon, who had just turned 19 years old. His family said he came to the water after work with two friends at 2 a.m. on Tuesday. He jumped in the water to swim, but the waves were high.

Friends were trying to pull him out of the water and they said his last words were, "I'm tired."


The recovery effort concluded for the day Tuesday around noon on Tuesday after a rescue team responded to three people in the water during dangerous lake conditions. 

The recovery effort included a boat and helicopter, but lake conditions were too dangerous for divers. Only the Coast Guard was able to get a boat on the water Tuesday because conditions were so rough.

Earlier in the morning, 6 to 8-foot waves limited boat use for the fire department during the initial search.

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