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Whole Foods Building Pullman Distribution Center

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Whole Foods has announced plans to build a distribution center in the Pullman neighborhood, creating 150 new jobs.

The 140,000-square foot facility would open in 2018 at a vacant site at 720 E. 111th St., just off the Bishop Ford Freeway.

The distribution center would replace an existing facility in Munster, Indiana, serving 70 stores in eight Midwestern states and Ontario, Canada.

The sprawling plant is the latest development announced for the historic Pullman neighborhood. President Barack Obama recently declared the Pullman Historic District a national monument.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the Pullman site's proximity to an expressway and a skilled workforce was part of the lure.

"It's not an accident that it's not very far from our school at Olive Harvey Community College and the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics [Center], and that training capacity's going to reaffirm Chicago's leadership as what I call the inland port of America," he said.


The city will be kicking in about $7.4 million in tax increment financing for the project.

It will be located next to the new Method soap factory and Gotham Greens rooftop farm, near the Pullman Park retail area.

Little more than a week ago, the mayor also announce plans to buy 800 CTA train cars that will be manufactured at an assembly facility in Pullman.

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