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Struggling At Start Of Season, White Sox Closer Liam Hendriks Turns To Tarot Reader

CHICAGO (CBS) -- This sounds like something from the movie "Major League" - but it's not.

White Sox closer Liam Hendriks arrived with a $54 million contract, but he has allowed two homers in just three appearances.

So the Australian pitcher is now breaking out the tarot cards.

"There's a lot that goes into it, but I spoke to my tarot card reader this morning – I spoke to Ruby," Hendriks said. She gave me a couple things. I was already leaning towards those sort of things, but hearing that kind of confirmed from a different source."

A reported asked how often Hendriks uses his tarot card reader's abilities.

"Every season, at the start of the new year – this is just a life thing. At the start of the new year, we do this – and then anytime I'm going through a little bit of a struggle or anything like that, we reach out – just get her do to a reading," Hendriks said. "She's actually sending me some bracelets and some crystals and stuff like that now to kind of figure out my locker a little bit. I saged my locker. I also saged a couple of the other guys on the team who were a little bit more open to it."

Burning sage helps Hendriks remove negative energy. He has been doing all this since he was in Triple-A. Ruby predicted his contract in detail - even though she does not follow baseball.

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