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White Sox Prospect Colson Montgomery Pleased To Learn From Major League Staff At Minor League Minicamp

GLENDALE, Ariz. (CBS) -- Spring Training for the Cubs and White Sox, and all the rest of the Major League Baseball teams, is on hold amid the MLB lockout.

But there is still baseball in Arizona for one group of players. The Cubs and White Sox have started minor league minicamps.

Wednesday marked day two for the Sox with the prospects getting their work in. That includes last year's 22nd overall pick – Colson Montgomery.

The 19-year-old is still getting used to his first full-time job. With a $3 million contract, the 6-foot 4-inch shortstop is a little different from most people his age.

One of the benefits of the lockout for Montgomery is that he and the other minor leaguers are getting instruction from Major League staff.

"There's a lot of the Major League guys here and they're kind of just talking to us all – what they see in us, what they like, what we can kind of improve on – and it's kind of just good to kind of pick their brains, because they work with the Big Leaguers; the best of the best guys – definitely not high school baseball. I mean, everybody's good. Everybody's here for here for a reason," Montgomery said. "So that kind of jumped at me and really showed me how hard you've still got to work, and that there's guys who are really talented also out here."

Meanwhile, there have been three straight days of in-person negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement for MLB players.

MLB warned Wednesday that if there is no deal reached by Monday, the regular season will be shortened.

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