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Which Blackhawks Teammate Would Jonathan Toews Most And Least Want To Be Stuck In Quarantine With?

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Like every other league, the NHL season is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Blackhawks players are staying home like everyone else in Illinois.

Team captain Jonathan Toews joined fellow Central Division captains Roman Josi of the Nashville Predators, and Alex Pietrangelo of the St. Louis Blues in a video conference call on Tuesday to discuss how they're handling the season's hiatus.

Toews is anxious for games to resume, and has been group chatting with his teammates. Asked which teammate he would most and least like to be quarantined with, Toews didn't hesitate.

"I guess I'll start with the most. I'd probably say Corey Crawford. He's just kind of an easygoing guy, and whatever you want to do, he's down for whatever," he said. "I'd say least, since I roomed with him for so long, I'd have to say Kaner [Patrick Kane]. There's some ups and downs to that relationship."

Toews and his fellow captains also were asked what they miss least about facing off against each other.

"Johnny's just a pain in the ass to play against. Oops, pardon my language," Pietrangelo said. "I battled a lot with these two guys (Toews and Josi). Moreso Johnny, because he's a forward, but we've had a lot of battles. But, you know what? God, I'd welcome those battles. I think right now we miss those battles. I don't know about you guys, but we could use a few of those battles."

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