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What's The Deal With Chicago's Ripped-Up Streets?

(CBS) -- During Chicago's other season -- construction season -- street after street is being torn up.

Crews are digging up Loop streets, week after week, with no seeming plan.

Or is there?

CBS 2's Rob Johnson talks with officials about what's really up: a unified strategy to add separate bus and bicycle lanes.

Peter Skosey with the Metropolitan Planning Commission says it's part of plan to accommodate the work force of tomorrow.

"Folks in their twenties or so are moving to cities where they don't need to own a car. Owning a car is pretty expensive," he says. "If they can get around in other ways than owning a car, they will choose a city based on that factor."

The bus rapid transit plan will cost $32.5 million and be in full use by mid-2015.


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