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Police Sources: Gang Conflict Sparked Shooting That Injured 11-Year-Old In West Pullman

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After several shootings in Chicago's West Pullman neighborhood this month, including two involving 11-year-old children, officers are bringing back an old strategy to target gang violence in the neighborhood.

Ny-Andra Dyer remains hospitalized at Comer Children's Hospital after she was shot more than a week ago. Several police sources tell CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot "Operation Just Cause" was launched after she was shot in the face at a West Pullman gas station.

While Chicago police say they do not provide information on deployment activities, several police sources say when conflicts between gangs are identified, resources are put into the area, and that's exactly what's happening in West Pullman right now.  This also happens after a police officer or a child is shot, as in the case of Ny-Andra, the unintended target of that shooting on March 1. The 11 year-old's mother spoke to CBS 2 on the condition that her name not be used.

"It's so hard for a mother to have to sit and go through this with their 11-year-old that has nothing to do with one gun. She's not a gang banger. She's an intelligent kid," Ny-Andra's mother said.

On March 7 at 119th and Eggleston, an 11-year-old boy was shot in his left arm. The child was in a car with his mother. When she got to the intersection a person in another car, started shooting at her vehicle.  Eleven shell casings were recovered at the scene. Sources say there is an ongoing gang conflict at this intersection. A day later, on March 8, there was a double homicide there at 119th and Michigan.

Tactical teams, community safety teams, undercover narcotics and gang intelligence officers, and members of various task forces are now saturating West Pullman.

Dr. Arthur Lurigio is a professor of criminal justice at Loyola University Chicago. Lurigio said saturation efforts are effective and that was proven under former Chicago Police Supt. Phil Clinewhen there were 700 fewer murders and 10,000 fewer shootings in a four year period.

"This kind of immediate presence dampens down the recent surge that's taking place in an area," said Lurigio.

He said while these efforts work in the short term, long term efforts are the solution to preventing violence.

"We have to invest substantial resources in communities that have suffered from intergenerational poverty and hopelessness," he said.

Meanwhile, police say the investigation continues into finding the person who shot Ny-Andra, who remains hospitalized. There is a $40,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Sources say the young man that was shot leaving the gas station, the intended target, had been dealing drugs in an area claimed by a rival gang.

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