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'Some Bloody Accidents': West Loop Business Owner Wants More Signs, Immediate Changes At Dangerous Intersection

CHICAGO (CBS) --  Bloody accidents and close calls plaguing an intersection in Chicago's West Loop.

The troubled area, where Hubbard and Halsted meet, can be seen as soon as you enter the neighborhood. CBS 2's Steven Graves spoke to one business owner whose front row seat to the action is prompting change.

"Our windows are not as clean as normal."

But what Zach Uttich sees out of those windows, just about every two weeks at this intersection is crystal clear.

"We've seen some bloody accidents," Uttich said.

Car part debris constantly scattered on the ground, he said the most recent one happened last Friday.

He said weeks ago, two kids were in another car accident.

"And it's a recipe for disaster."

All of the ingredients come together here at an underpass on Halsted, where it meets Hubbard in the West Loop.
Some drivers are forced to make blind left turns. That's just one issue.

"All of these cars are going to go faster and faster. It helps that it's during the day right now, compared to at night."

Night danger captured on surveillance video from Uttich's business last December. A car on Halsted plows into a turning SUV.

"We need all of the smart people in the city planning office to enact some change sooner than later," Uttich said.

Which is why Uttich is compiling pictures and videos. For close to two years, ringing the alarm and contacting 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett's office to request a traffic study.

"We submitted that request last year," Uttich said.

Burnett's office told CBS 2 the study was conducted and that a traffic signal might work at the intersection. Uttich said he's only seen safety changes to bike lanes since the summer.

"Which certainly helps."

He wants to see more signage in the meantime. Because he said his worst fear is seeing someone badly hurt or even killed, as the West Loop neighborhood grows.

The documented danger is now driving a faster push for change. CBS 2 has yet to hear back from Alderman Burnett. The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) said funding for a new signal was just approved but it's too early on when it will be installed or when greater improvements could happen.


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