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Website Offers To Mend Your Broken Heart

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Valentine's Day is one of the most hated holidays of the year, especially for the newly single.

Breaking up is hard to do. How many song lyrics surround that theme?

Well, a woman with a new online business says it doesn't have to be so hard.

Her website is aimed at treating the symptoms of heartache, and it worked for  one Chicago woman.

Ellie Scarborough is happily coupled now, but two years ago she suffered a devastating heartbreak.

"Logically I knew what I needed to do which is move on, but emotionally I couldn't do it," she said.

From that heart-crushing pain came an idea: How about a website completely devoted to the broken-hearted?

"We've helped girls who are getting over their first crush, women who have are getting divorced after 17 years of marriage," Scarborough said. "There is a universal sense they don't know who they are anymore without the significant other there."

Meredith Bryant was one of them.

"It was definitely the worst breakup I've ever had," she said.

Enter Ellie's new business, which offers everything from flowers delivered to your home to online advice tailored to you, and that includes a daily email.

The website also offer daily text messages with encouraging notes, and they have a life coach on staff to help define your future goals. It all sounds good. But does it really help?

"I think it's important to think quickly about what happened and then to have the ability to move on," Bryant said.

Ellie's found a new man, but how about Meredith?

"I never got over it," she says, "because I got back together with him."

The packages for heartache start as low as $10 and can go up to $300, depending on what you get. Meredith treated herself, but it is very often a friend or a sister who purchases the packages.

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