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Website Analyzes How Old You Look

(CBS) -- If you could log onto a website and upload a selfie to find out how old you really look, and how long you'll probably live, would you do it?

A local professor helped create the site. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker checked it out.

On paper Chicago's mayor is 54 and our president a little younger at 52. Singer Beyonce is 32 and actress Lindsey Lohan just 28.

These are the facts, but according to a new website,, this is the reality: Mayor Emanuel looks like he's 59 and will live until he's 82. President Obama looks 44 and will live to be 84, Beyonce looks 35 and Lohan, 59.

"It basically answers the question how old does your face look," said UIC scientist Jay Olshansky.

Olshansky developed the program that calculates the age of your entire face, counting all the wrinkles and in some cases revealing the impact of your lifestyle.

"If you're a smoker, drugs, you drank excessively, it shows up in your face. If you've been exposed to the sun too much it shows up in your face," Olshansky said.

Olshansky says you could also just be the kind of person who naturally ages faster than others your same age, which may explain why CBS2's anchor Rob Johnson is 46 and looks 62.

Or, you may be among the lucky ones. Dorothy, 58, tried it out and it says she looks 49.

"You inherited genes that allowed you to age more slowly," said Olshansky.

Lisa Gottschalk is 45 but looks 48, at least she'll live a long time

"Expected lifespan 84 years but my face looks 48," said Gottschalk. "I was a life guard out in the sun for 20 years."

In order to get the best results, upload a photo that's a close-up of your face with no hair on your forehead and don't smile.

The hair will look like wrinkles on your forehead and the smile will create wrinkles around your mouth and you'll end up in your 80's.


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