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'We Close Down Again We Won't Survive It': Restaurants Defy Governor's Indoor Dining Ban

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Some restaurants and bars across Illinois are defying Gov. JB Pritzker's orders banning indoor dining. It's not because they don't believe COVID-19 is real. They say if they shut down it will be for good this time.

Friday night the chefs at Tradycja in Orland Park were busy with carryout orders, but they were serving drinks and Polish food inside, too.

"It's the worst year ever for me," said Damian Piekarczyk, owner of Tradycja Polish Fusion Cuisine.

The owners made the executive decision to defy the governor's executive order. The door remain open, and people are still dining in.

"If you don't want to come to the restaurant and sit and eat and just let go. If you don't feel safe then stay home. Let people choose," he said.

Along LaGrange Road you will find plenty of places to eat and a few businesses clearly advertising that they too are allowing people to dine in for the third time this year.

"We really want to survive it, and we we close down again we won't survive it," Betty Styrczula with Tradycja Polish Fusion Cuisine

The governor views the many businesses across the state serving inside as jeopardizing lives.

"What will it take to make things real for you? Do we have to report a rate of 50% like we're seeing in Iowa today?" Pritzker said said Thursday.

He then reinforced that view on Friday.

"Also the local leaders I've said who are taking no responsibility. In fact they're leading others to believe it's OK if you gather in big groups or have concerts in your bar. It's OK if you don't wear masks. That's just wrong," he said.

At Tradycja they question why the rule is for restaurants only.

"You can catch corona in the gym, store, mall, everywhere. Why do we have to close, but the rest of the businesses can be open?" Damian said.

For now most small restaurant owners tell CBS 2's Jermont Terry that the risk of facing fine is worth it.

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