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WATCH: Truck Leaves Wake Of Destruction Leaving Parking Lot

 (CBS) -- A semi-truck is seen on surveillance tape going on a chaotic rampage out of a Lincoln Park parking lot, and the owner of a damaged SUV wants answers.

CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports.

Jonathan Harris says his rear windshield was punched out -- above it, the spoiler spoiled -- at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"He damaged a significant amount of property in the area, and basically fled the scene," Harris says.

Surveillance video shows the spot where his car was parked, right where the truck could clip it. It occurred in the parking lot of the emissions testing station near Lister and Honore -- just off Webster Avenue.

"He had clipped stop signs, he damaged the landscaping, he took out a guardrail," Harris says.

Harris says you can still see tire tracks apparently left by the semi all over the parking lot.

In the video, the trucker even jumps out to look at his handiwork. A witness in a bright colored top talks to the trucker.

Harris was at his gym when this happened. He says he actually saw the truck out of the gym window, but didn't think it struck his SUV.

He posted flyers with his phone number and email address hoping any of those witnesses has information.

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