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WATCH: Scuffle With McDonald's Security Guard Ends With Gun Drawn, No Shots Fired

Chicago (CBS) -- A fight between two men and a security guard outside a Gold Coast McDonald's ended with a gun drawn, but no shots fired.

It was two against one as the security guard got smashed into a brick wall. His hat goes flying, as do fists towards his head.

During the struggle, it appears a can of pepper spray drops. One of the attackers picks it up and points it at the security guard. That's when the security guard pulls out a gun. He doesn't shoot, but it sends his attackers off.

"He was well within his rights. He was being attacked," John Ivy said.

"You got to put yourself in his shoes. He's defending himself. He feels threatened," McDonald's customer A.J. Jones said. "They could have killed that man."

It's unclear what led up to the scuffle outside the McDonald's at State and Chicago, just steps from the Red Line.

"I ain't never seen him [the security guard] get into it with nobody else. They had to have been provoking him," Jones said.

There was a noticeable police presence in the area Monday, parked in front of the McDonald's, and patrolling on foot and on bikes.

Police have been called to the Chicago and State McDonald's 35 times in the past 30 days -- 23 disturbances, nine batteries, and three assaults.

Chicago police were called and responded to the incident.

McDonald's provided the following statement regarding the incident:

"The safety and security of our employees and customers is our top priority. We are disturbed by this situation and will continue to take appropriate measures to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers." - Nick Karavites, McDonald's Owner/Operator

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