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Watch: Is This College Basketball's Block Of The Year?

(CBS) Ohio State lost 65-63 at Penn State on Thursday night, marking the first time since 1998 that the Nittany Lions swept the season series between the schools.

The result won't reverberate in the long run -- the offensively challenged Buckeyes don't appear poised for a deep NCAA Tournament run, and the Nittany Lions aren't going dancing -- but a thunderous first-half block by Ohio State's Sam Thompson should. In what is the clubhouse leader for the season's best block, Thompson swats a Tim Frazier shot nearly back to half-court in the air.

Check it out for yourself.

College basketball courts are 94 feet long, meaning that rejection probably flew 40 feet or so before bouncing. That's some Fourth of July backyard volleyball type swatting there.

The moral of the story here? Don't ever try to go 1-on-5, kids. If you're not LeBron, it's going to end ugly.

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