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Watch At 10: Her Home Was Wrongly Raided; She Was Handcuffed Naked; Body Camera Video Tells the Story

In November of 2019, CBS 2 interviewed Anjanette Young for the first time. A social worker and active in her church, Young had a jarring and traumatic story to tell: she told us her safest place – her home – was invaded that February.

We quickly learned she was the latest victim in a pattern of wrong raids by the Chicago Police Department, uncovered by our team as part of its two-year series. But the story was different than others we reported in the past. Young said during the wrong raid, police entered the home and handcuffed her, all while she was naked. She was humiliated, terrified – and with the exception of a team of male officers – alone.

Young wanted the body camera video to show the public what happened to her that day. But CPD did not release it when she filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. CBS 2 also filed a FOIA request for the video but the city denied that request, citing an ongoing investigation.

Recently, however, CBS 2 finally obtained the footage after a court forced CPD to turn over the video as part of Young's lawsuit. Using that video and police records, CBS 2 pieced together – moment by moment – not only how Young was treated during the raid, but also how police failed to check the bad tip that led them there. The full story aired and published Dec. 14. Watch the full story here. 

This article was updated on Dec. 15 at 10:23 a.m. to add the link to the full story after it broadcast Dec. 14 at 10 p.m.

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