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Walter's Perspective: Time For Candidates To Talk About Gun Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Excuse me, you two princes of politics, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I'm sorry to bother you, but there is something in America more important than you being elected, and we need to hear from you about it.

The assault rifle and 6,000 rounds of ammunition the alleged gunman bought before the mass murders in a movie theater in Colorado. The shopping mall murders in Tucson, Ariz. The carnage at Fort Hood and Columbine, and on the streets of Chicago. Guns and bullets – legal, as well as illegal. We need to hear a president say he'll stop the killing, or at least try to.

Every time after a Fort Hood or Columbine, the politicians tell us it's too soon to talk about preventing another one.

Three years after Fort Hood, 13 years after Columbine, and now after the movie theater, it's still too soon to talk about killing in America?

Running for president, you prefer to talk garbage about each other.

Come on, you two, that stinks.

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