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Walter's Perspective: Tear Down Prentice

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Not much is being said anymore about presidential debates, but in Chicago, there's a hospital debate to talk about; a great debate about Northwestern University's famous Prentice Women's Hospital.

The outdated, dilapidated, unused, and unusable building is sitting empty. Northwestern wants to tear it down and replace it with a medical laboratory, to expand medical research, and create thousands of jobs.

Their plan also would kick in nearly $4 billion to Chicago's economy.

The argument against tearing down old Prentice is being made my preservationists, who say it's a landmark, so don't you dare tear it down.

The decision is about to be made by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks.

I'm a preservationist, but for medical research, and for jobs and the economy, I say don't dare not tear it down.

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