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Walter's Perspective: Shame On Senator Harry Reid

CHICAGO (CBS) -- In the yucky ugly bottom of the mud in the race for president, I say bravo to the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. Good for Pat Brady, calling U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a dirty liar.

And doubly good for him for repeating it, which is good for us – hearing a politician being honest about his feelings; about Senator Reid accusing Mitt Romney of not paying any income taxes for a decade.

You've heard it, because the media is now spreading it, that Senator Reid says a source told him Romney went ten years without paying anything in income taxes. Zero!

How Senator Reid knows about Romney's taxes, he won't say; just that he's been told it by a reliable source – a secret, reliable source, he says, and we better believe it.

Sorry, Harry, but we better not believe that Romney's paid zero taxes in ten years. Not until you reveal your source, and show us the record Harry – dirty Harry.

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