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Walter's Perspective: More Answers Needed About Upcoming G8/Nato Summits

CHICAGO (CBS) -- In case you haven't heard, there's a new boss in Chicago, in City Hall: the woman in charge of the big NATO and G8 summit meetings coming up, with 80 heads-of-state, 3,000 reporters, 15,000 summit participants and maybe 20,000; 40,000; 50,000 rabble-rousers and anarchists, aiming to break up the summits and mess up Chicago.

Store owners, downtown and on Michigan Avenue, are concerned, but the boss wants us not to talk about that.

Lori Healey -- former Mayor Daley chief of staff, current Mayor Emanuel's honcho, honcho grande -- barking at us for focusing on problems.

The negativity, she growls, is unproductive. Growl, growl!

She wants us not talking about protestors, or asking questions about $50 million for security.

Sorry, Ms. Honcho, those are important questions, so bark and growl all you wish, they're the questions we ought to ask.

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