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Walter's Perspective: Let's Step Up For Cops

CHICAGO (CBS) -- So the NATO summit is done and President Barack is saying Mayor Rahm is a great man, and Rahm is saying the Chicago rank-and-file are great police.

What he's not saying is that his police have a problem: a thousand empty positions in their budget, a thousand more police needed in the neighborhoods, where 18 people were shot during the summit – four of them dead.

And murders this year in Chicago are up more than 50 percent, and the police are sweating their pensions, and the mayor is telling them, "Well, then, pay more of your salaries into your pensions."

He promised the summit would earn Chicago $128 million that presumably is now in the bank. So how about it, Mr. Mayor? Putting that money where your mouth is when you say the police protected your summit, and that you owe them a great debt of gratitude.

True enough. So pay it.

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