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Walter's Perspective: No Sympathy For Lawmakers' Special Session

CHICAGO (CBS) -- OMG, have you heard about it? Gov. Pat Quinn is calling the General Assembly into special session to work on the pension crisis in Illinois.

The state has $83 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, one of the worst pension debts in the U.S.

The governor is calling the politicians back from vacation to work on it.

Pat Quinn must be the most unpopular guy in Springfield -- breaking up vacations the politicians have been on since May, when they adjourned for the summer to run for re-election.

Not one day in two months now have they worked on the pension crisis, and when they finish the special session, which is scheduled for one day, they'll go back on vacation for three more months to continue running for re-election, proclaiming the good they do for us.

Just five months out of a year, they work for us, for the $68,000-a-year we pay them.

The best thing they can do for us is stay on vacation.

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