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Walter's Perspective: Cop Blog Created Controversy Over City Sticker

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Great Chicago Sticker Shock. The vehicle sticker that shook City Hall. It's gone, out of the news, into the garbage, never to be stuck on a Chicago windshield.

And the boy who designed it -- the winner of a citywide contest for it -– he's gone, too, out of the news and stuck with shame, reported to have drawn on that sticker the symbol of a street gang, which he did not do.

So why the sticker shock? Because a blog on the Internet groused about the sticker -– a popular blog by and about Chicago police, too obscene for me to name it.

Other posts on the blog? "Can Chicago ever get a police superintendent that doesn't kiss the BLEEP of inner-city blacks?" A cartoon of nuns at a bar.

A trashy at times and vulgar blog, beneath the dignity of Chicago police. The vehicle sticker on the blog was sticker shock, so it had to go.

But don't blame and shame that boy. Blame and shame the blog.

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