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Walter Payton College Prep Principal Goes Viral With Her Smooth Dance Moves, And Bonds With Students While Doing So

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The principal at Walter Payton College Prep was recently the center of the action for homecoming night – and it was about more than just her smooth moves.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, the accomplishments or acts from students are usually what grabbed the attention. But Fareeda Shabazz-Anderson, principal of the high school at 1034 N. Wells St., outshone them all after her dance moves left the boys and girls speechless.

This has been the first quarter in which students were back in classes at Walter Payton College Prep.

"We wanted to bring everyone together for homecoming," Shabazz-Anderson said.

The new principal admitted it wasn't clear there would even be a dance at first.

"We could only have so many people," Shabazz-Anderson said.

But the night of the dance, students showed up – and their principal showed out.

"Apparently, that's how the kids dance now," Shabazz-Anderson said. "They get in a circle and they all dance together - and the DJ was like, 'Hey, you know, we happen to know your principal has some dance moves.'"

And indeed she does. She emerged right in the middle of the circle with some very impressive moves. The crowd erupted as the principal broke out in a Chicago-style dance called "footwork."

"A quick dance where you move your feet real fast and you're still on beat," Shabazz-Anderson said. "I don't think they were ready."

And neither was the principal. With all the phones recording and uploading her, she instantly went viral.

"My sons, they're in high school, and they were like: 'Mom, you're on TikTok! Mom, you're on Twitter!'" Shabazz-Anderson said, "and it was everywhere."

When Terry met her, the principal did not have on the quite the right shoes to show off her footwork. But we couldn't let that stop her. She ditched the heels and went for it barefoot – because Terry just so happened to have a speaker with him to provide the music.

The footwork was impeccable. But the connection the administrator is building with her students is undeniable.

Shabazz-Anderson: "I feel like a real person now. I remember our principals growing up - we didn't see them outside that space. Principals now – we're always connecting and working with students and we're like an extension of their family now.

Terry: "And they see you not just as Principal Shabazz. They you as, I want to say almost like a good home girl."

Shabazz-Anderson: "Not the home girl – but maybe the cool auntie."

It is respect she has definitely earned and then some.

There is a sockhop on Wednesday at the school, and Terry is hearing there might just be a dance-off involving teachers against students. One must wonder who would dare go up against Principal Shabazz - because you do not want to mess with her on the dance floor.

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