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Walter: Keep Your Shirt On, Seriously

CHICAGO (CBS) -- If the economy or the weather has you down and you're looking for a lift in your day or something to laugh at, you can always tune in to what's up in the Congress of the United States -- the house of comedians on Capitol Hill.

This congressman, for example, Chris Lee of New York -- elected once and just re-elected, married and one child – posting his pecs on the Internet to catch himself a woman for … well, whatever. 

"I'm a very fit, fun, classy guy," the congressman said. "I promise not to disappoint."

Yes he promised all right, in an offer on Craigslist, where millions of people can see it, including, of course, the people who elected him.

A very fit, fun guy? I don't know, but being so dumb, so public is funny -- until you think about a congressman's job, to pass judgment on the federal budget and domestic and foreign policy.

Then you think a congressman struttin' his stuff to troll for a woman on Craigslist is not as funny as he may be dangerous. A congressman with more brawn power than brain power is a bad joke -- the worst of which is, it's on us.

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