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Waiting On State Paycheck Spurs Lawmaker To Become Uber Driver

WBBM's Andy Dahn

(CBS) -- While payments to state lawmakers are on hold during Illinois' budget impasse, one state representative has found another way to make money.

"I needed to find other means of income that would not directly affect me serving my community as a state rep," says Jamie Andrade, who represents the 40th District.

He got behind the wheel of his minivan and became an Uber driver. He says he's been pleasantly surprised with the financial benefit of driving up to 50 hours every week.

"It can be quite lifesaving, to put food on your table, pay your bills," he tells WBBM's Andy Dahn.

Andrade says the ride-sharing service has also been a great way for him to connect with his constituents, many of whom are his frequent passengers. He adds that being forced to take a part time job during the impasse is tough, but it's harder on those who have lost their jobs due to the states' lack of a budget.

So will these financial struggles motivate lawmakers to agree on a budget in the near future? Andrade says don't count on it.

"Leadership on both sides will not move because state reps aren't getting paid, to be honest, they'll probably just say 'If you can't take the heat, leave,'" he says.

Andrade first told his story to DNAInfo/Chicago.


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