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Voting Glitch Proves Costly For Chicago Woman

(CBS) -- A voting glitch proved costly for a Chicago woman who followed her grandparents' instructions never to miss an election, reports WBBM's John Cody.

Camille Fox said when she showed up to vote at 6257 South Harper, she was told she had already voted. It couldn't be resolved at the polling place so she went down to the Chicago Elections Board.


"There were plenty of others behind me with the same problem," Fox said. "By the time I left, it was a slow line and it had to be over fifteen people."

Fox told Newsradio she was finally allowed to vote, though it was a lengthy procedure which essentially involved re-registering and then voting.

She said it cost her three hair styling appointments,$200 in wages plus the time spent driving downtown and back.

Fox said she always votes as grandparents Idell and Simon told her to in Mississippi where for so many years, they'd been denied the right to cast a ballot.

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