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Volunteers To Repair A Chinatown Mural For The Second Time This Week

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A community is coming together to repair a mural after someone vandalized it for the second time in one week.

CBS 2's Vi Nguyen reports.

A dedication ceremony for the mural is scheduled for the end of July but it has already been vandalized twice.

It has been very sad and disappointing for everyone involved in the project.

The most recent vandalism happened at Ping Tom Memorial Park in Chinatown. Someone spray painted the name of a rapper who was shot and killed in Florida. The name was followed by the letters R.I.P. on the mural.

Earlier in the week, several artists spent 15 hours removing a nearly identical tag on the mural.

The white and blue mural is located on an underpass wall. It features a variety of flowers and represents a mix of cultures.

Chester Chow worked on the project and said planning for the work of art began back in December. He said he's not sure why anyone would vandalize a piece of community artwork that's meant to bring people together.

"Please choose another wall. Because this is a finished product," said Chow. "There are so many different walls to put your tag on."

Artists will return to repair the damage on Saturday. The first time around they were able to raise more than $2,500 to help with the cost of supplies.


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