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'They're Angels To Me': Volunteers Help Naperville Homeowners Clean Up After The Tornado

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS) -- It's been nearly 48 hours since tornadoes tore apart homes in the western suburbs.

CBS 2's Jim Williams reported Tuesday from Naperville, where residents spent the day cleaning up and helping each other.

For Teresa Sims-Moss, it began with a simple Google search: "Tornado in Naperville."

That's all she needed to begin her drive from Joliet, to a home owned by a woman she did not know.

She and her daughter Alexandra and her friend Casey went to work.

"I home schooled both during the pandemic," Sims-Moss said. "And teaching them how to be good people."

Lots of good people came to Princeton Circle in Naperville. Volunteer firefighter Dan Jones first arrived at 11:00 Sunday night shortly after the tornado hit this area hard.

"That's what I've been trained to do is help people when they're having a bad time," Jones said. "So I couldn't sit on my butt and do nothing. It's not in my nature."

There were church groups, the Red Cross and many other volunteers with no specific address in mind.

"I reached out to a friend at church who gave me this vicinity, we grabbed rakes, started walking, cleaning yard," said volunteer Julie Dwyer. "Then we came across this group of volunteers and asked we could help."

Julie Dwyer recruited her mom Lynn and daughter Lilly. Three generations of generosity.

"I love all the volunteers from all over, but I love the spirit of the homeowners whose homes were partially destroyed or totally destroyed," said volunteer Lynn Genter. "And their kids are helping and they keep smiling and they're so positive."

Homeowner Ellie Laneville was the recipient of kindness from people she just met on Tuesday.

"I think they're sent from above. They're angels to me," Laneville said. "They're amazing people with a heart of gold helping a stranger."

Laneville is fortunate. She's able to stay in her home. And the burden of the last two days has been made lighter by the kindness of strangers.

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