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Vince Vaughn & The Cast Of 'Unfinished Business' Deliver Funny And Free Stock Photos

By Scott T. Sterling

There's a good chance you've seen promos for the upcoming new movie, Unfinished Business, starring Vince Vaughn. Based on an overseas business trip where all sorts of hilarity ensues, the movie has taken the corporate theme to a comedic extreme by offering up stock photos featuring the film's stars for free.

The images are the result of the movie studio, Twentieth Century Fox, teaming up with iStock by Getty Images to capture Vaughn and his co-stars including Dave Franco (the younger brother of actor James Franco), Tom Wilkinson and others in characteristically dry corporate images typical of stock art.

The collection of twelve images is for editorial use only, so don't expect any of the shots to turn up in your next corporate hiring pack or anything. As a promotional tool for the movie, however, they're nothing short of magical.

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The first four images can be seen and downloaded for free here, but do require an iStock account, which can be had free of charge. The remaining eight shots will be released over the next two weeks. See the entire collection at Adweek.

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