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VIDEO: Elgin Police Officer Arrested For Drunk Driving, Walks Free

CHICAGO (CBS) – An Elgin police officer arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, suddenly receives a "get out of jail free" card and it is all caught on camera.

CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez has the story.

Dashboard video from Sycamore Police shows:

Officer: "How much have you had to drink tonight?"

Driver: "One beer."

Officer: "OK"

The driver first said he just dropped off his wife and daughter.

Officer: "How did you drop them off? There's only two seats in this car."

Driver: "They were in their own car."

Officer: "So you didn't drop them off. Yeah OK. So why are you lying to me about that?"

Driver: "I'm not lying to you about anything sir."

But he then said he is an Elgin police officer, on his way home from training, and tries negotiation.

Officer: "We have to do some tests now and get you on your way."

Driver: "I don't' want to do any tests. Can I just park and walk home?"

Officer: "Not an option. Step out of the car."

Officer Luke Kampmeier does not bend, and Sgt. Mark Whaley is processed at the Sycamore Police station where, again cameras are rolling.

But after about two hours in a holding room, Whaley walks free.

Sycamore Police will not say why he was released, but their Chief Glenn Theriault is now on paid administrative leave.

The city manager confirming "an ongoing investigation," but offering "no further comment."

Elgin Police Chief Jeff Swoboda confirms Theirault worked for years with Whaley at the Elgin Police Department.

He said there's "an internal investigation (there) into policy violations regarding use of a city vehicle."

Meantime Whaley, who was never charged, is back on the job.

The Elgin Police Chief confirms Whaley has been with his department more than 20 years, and said, he has no knowledge of any disciplinary action or other issues.

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