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2 Investigators: Video Shows DoorDash Driver Swipe Amazon Package

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The CBS 2 Investigators have video of a food delivery driver dropping off a meal, then walking off with a package. The victim said no one would help, until CBS 2's Dave Savini got involved.

The woman whose package was taken does not want her name used, but she said, "The problem is, it could happen to anybody,".

She played surveillance video of the man taking the package. He is called a Dasher and works for food delivery company DoorDash.

"He had to wait here for a minute or two, press the buzzer," said the resident. "He was buzzed in."

The video shows the driver carrying a red DoorDash bag filled with food he was delivering to a locked Bronzville apartment building.

DoorDash Package Thief
Surveillance video shows a DoorDash driver who stole an Amazon package from the lobby of an apartment building in the Bronzeville neighborhood. (Credit: CBS)

After his delivery, he is caught on camera leaving with something extra in his hands. The resident says it was her boxed up Amazon delivery, clearly in his arms. She called DoorDash, but says the company would not help her.

"They're not interested," she said.

It happened earlier this month, after she returned home with groceries and saw a large box addressed to her in her locked foyer. It was a heavy box, so she went inside to put her bags down. When she returned to the mailbox area, the box was gone.

She quickly checked the building's security video, and confirmed with the neighbor who made the DoorDash order that this was same the guy who was buzzed in to deliver the food. So she filed a complaint with DoorDash and asked them for help.

"He didn't just walk off the street and walk into my building," she said. "He came in under the auspices of your [DoorDash] organization."

Doordash Package Thief 2
Surveillance video shows a DoorDash delivery driver walking away from a Bronzeville apartment building after stealing an Amazon package from the lobby on March 8, 2018. (Credit: CBS)

The response she got from DoorDash was not what she expected.

"He's like, 'Well I'm sorry, there's nothing else we can do. We talked to him, he said he didn't take the package,'" said the resident.

She says DoorDash believed the driver's story, even though she told them there was video.

"They didn't even ask for the video," she said. "They didn't say, 'Can we have the video? Can we verify that your video is authentic?' Nothing."

She says the company did offer to send the driver back to her home to discuss the matter. She was stunned and scared the company would even suggest such a thing, so she went to police believing it would be an easy case to solve.

"All they have to do is talk to DoorDash," she said.

She filed a police report after it happend but Chicago Police didn't go to get a copy of the video until weeks later, when the 2 Investigators called them about the case. Police are now investigating.

CBS 2 reached out to DoorDash multiple times, even sent screenshots of the driver with the package.

DoorDash has not responded to our questions about the driver or how the company has handled this case.

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