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Video shows crab on seat on CTA Red Line train

Crab spotted on CTA Red Line
Crab spotted on CTA Red Line 01:01

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Anyone who is a frequent rider on the Chicago Transit Authority system is sure to have some stories to share – but perhaps none involving a crab.

CTA transit passenger Ryder Kennedy was taking the Red Line when he saw a crab right there on a seat. He took video, and also posted photos to the Chicago subreddit page on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

The Secret Chicago Instagram account posted Kennedy's video this past Monday, with the caption, "Just a casual day on the CTA."

The crab appeared to have a rubber band on at least one claw. In the video, a discarded McDonald's soft drunk cup was seen lying on its side on the next seat to the left, and someone was sitting in the next seat to the left from there – largely out of frame, but nonetheless apparently not paying attention to the crab.

The still photo on the Chicago subreddit showed the Red Line train at the Jackson/State stop downtown, with both the crab and the McDonald's soft drink cup in place.

It was not clear to whom the crab belonged, or what it was doing there.

On the Secret Chicago Instagram reel, one user wrote, "I do hope that somebody returned him to the lake instead of just filming him," only to be quickly reminded that such crabs are not found in Lake Michigan.

Others joked that the crab "wanted to see the Clawed Monet exhibit at Art Institute," or had "had a long day at the Shedd [Aquarium]."

On the Chicago subreddit earlier this month, others also cracked jokes – one user named the crab "Carl," another "Larry." But others expressed distress about why a crab was left on the train in such a fashion. 

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